Benefits of the Pet cashplan policy

Our pet cash plan provides cover for your pet's health. Allowing you (the owner) to claim back vets costs for your dog or cat. We offer three levels of cover so you only pay for what you need! Allowing you to send in your vet bills and we will pay you directly up to 50%/75% of the bill (depending on your level of cover and up to the policy limit).

  1. Covering your Cat or Dog
  2. No maximum age limit
  3. Benefits paid to the policy holder NOT your vet
  4. Benefits pay up to 75% of the claim cost subject to limits
  5. Accident cover price fixed irrespective of age
  6. Fixed price and guaranteed for 12 months
  7. You pay the price on the website. No hidden increases.

Affordable pet cover

Choose Accident only cover or add 2 illness claims per year to help you manage the costs of a recurring condition.

We know you will have felt the pinch of escalating pet insurance premiums, year on year.

This is a new way to help you manage your veterinary bills. We know as a responsible pet owner you have most likely felt the pinch of ever increasing pet insurance; year on year. That's why we created one of the UK's first pet cash plan schemes! It's really simple. Lower costs to you! Monthly cover for a dog starts at £5.53 and for a cat £ 5.29 .

We want to help you manage the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses

We understand that pets are often considered as family members and as such, we know that you will be looking for pet cover which protects against vet's fees and unexpected accidents & illnesses

Did you know?

Insurers are paying out £1.2m every day on pet insurance claims, according to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI).
Each year up to one in three pets need veterinary care and the cost of this treatment is on the increase. The average UK vet bill is now £300.
The value paid out for vets’ bills in 2012 was £452m, and the average claim amount has increased by 52% since 2007. This is an increase of £207, compared with a £57 rise in the average pet insurance premium (or circa £18.75 pm/£225 pa)
TheSource ABI 0613-07/2012
Less than 1 in 4 Pets are not insured